Surviving and Thriving- A Recovery Manual for Patients and Families Impacted by CIRS

I am thrilled to announce that our CIRS Recovery Manual is finally complete.

Laurie Rossi RN, patient advocate, case manager, and CIRS Survivor along with Cindy Edwards, Certified Building Analyst, teamed up with me to make this manual uniquely comprehensive and practical.

Many thanks to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and Dr. Scott McMahon for their eloquent and enthusiastic endorsements in the Introduction and Foreword to this book.

Mold Illness: Surviving and Thriving - A Recovery Manual for Patients and Families Impacted by CIRS is unique. It offers a simple and concise explanation of CIRS, the treatment protocol, and a specific and concrete roadmap to recovery.

Tips on navigating the day-to-day struggles of living with CIRS are the focus:

how to test, how to clean, how to travel safely, how to track symptoms and potential exposure, how to prevent cross-contamination, tips for house hunting and packing, sample letters for employers, schools, landlords, how to explain the illness to friends & family, etc. Interactive tools and checklists keep patients & families focused and on track. With so much MIS-information out there, this simple, science-based manual will empower patients as they navigate their journey to recovery.

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Paula Vetter FNP-C

Shoemaker Certified CIRS Practitioner