Respiratory complications of mold exposure

Respiratory complications of mold exposure

We have a home with ongoing leaks but no visible mold. A sky light continues to leak through a problem with the flashing. My children do not go into the room with the sky light but since the leak has developed they have been troubled by recurrent episodes of coughing leading to vomiting; severe bronchitis and in one a diagnosis of atypical pneumonia. I have asked local physicians about assistance with mold but no one has spent the time to even consider the possibility. Obviously no one has read any of the authoritative statement beginning with respiratory affects of mold exposure as documented in the Institute of Medicine report in 2003; GAO of 2008; WHO of 2009 and Expert Treating Physicians Consensus of 2010.


The recurrent episodes of cough to date have defied diagnosis in the setting of exposure to a water-damaged area is a very typical finding especially in children. I would recommend that you have evaluation of lab parameters especially and including C4a and TGFbeta-1 in your children, assuming that evaluation for mycoplasma, Chlamydia and Legionella are all normal.


You also mentioned that you have neurologic problems and chronic fatigue. I would hope that you would have the same labs done as it sounds to me that it is possible that the illness that has left you disabled certainly may have inflammatory issues that remain undiagnosed as well.


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