Mary Ackerley MD MDH

Mary Ackerley, M.D., M.D.H, ABIHM, is a classically trained psychiatrist and board certified integrative physician who understands both the biochemistry of the brain and the need for a healthy balance of neurotransmitters, hormones and the immune system. She embraces the latest advances in natural healing and integrative medicine to enhance conventional methods of treatment.

While studying shamans for her Harvard thesis, Dr. Mary proved that cures resulting from ‘energetic’ medicine produced measurable changes in the neuroendocrine immune system. Thus, early on, she recognized the need to bridge what is known in medicine with what is unknown using science to show the way. Later, she journeyed to Lhasa, delving into Tibetan healing and the relationship between body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Mary is particularly interested in symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and depression that fail to respond to conventional treatment. She seeks to address the root cause of these conditions through an evaluation of genetic mutations, hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation, and hidden infections such as mold illness, Lyme disease or viral infections. Dr. Mary remains open and curious to all possibilities in the realm of health, and continually looks for answers to chronic illness that may fail to surface in the mainstream. She is particularly interested in elucidating the links among the brain, the immune stem and hormones.

Consultation and Treatment: Dr. Mary understands the debilitating consequences of ongoing depression, fatigue and anxiety. Her goal is to remediate the underlying effects of neurotransmitter, hormone and immune depletion in a way that brings about lasting health and freedom from pain. Almost everyone with depression or anxiety has some alteration in the function of their endocrine or immune system. She feels a putative diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder is not complete without an evaluation of the neuroendocrine and immune axis. Measurement of various viral antibody levels, in addition to different cytokine, immune and toxin biomarkers will assist Dr. Ackerley in her evaluation of your immune function. Consideration is also given to nutrient imbalances, because micronutrient deficiencies are often present in many disorders. Gastrointestinal function is targeted because the microbiomal population directly affects neurotransmitter production. Often this type of testing is covered by insurance.

Through evaluation of your immune, endocrine, and GI systems, Dr. Mary seeks to optimize your health using medical data, not guess work. She will determine what steps can be taken to create wellness for you and designs an individual treatment program which includes the proper staging of different therapeutic protocols. This may include the use of traditional Western medicines, when appropriate, as well as various herbs and supplements such as amino acids, probiotics, trace minerals, fatty acids and natural vitamins. Additionally, simple methods of detoxification for the liver and GI tract, and as well as dietary changes to support the development of optimum health will be recommended. If biotoxin illness, including mold, is diagnosed she will follow the Shoemaker Protocol for treatment.

Dr. Mary appreciates a patient that is consciously engaged in their own recovery and who has a responsible attitude toward their own healing journey. She looks forward to working with you in your journey to true health.

Mary Beth Ackerley MD, MDH, ABIHM is a Harvard and Johns Hopkins trained board certified psychiatrist. She is also nationally board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine as well as an active member of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association. She also serves on the Board of Integrative and Homeopathic Medicine in the State of Arizona. She is also a graduate of the three year program at the American Medical College of Homeopathy.

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Phone: (520) 299-5694

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