Legal Resources for Mold Illness Litigation

In the realm of water-damaged buildings, it is often times necessary for patients to go down the road of litigation to find answers, and hopefully recovery of damages caused.  Litigation is a tenacious road to travel - it is our desire to give those traveling this road a resource with helpful information to assist in the journey. 

Once complete, the Legal Resources section of will include:

  • Court Cases
  • Citations
  • Depositions
  • Briefs
  • Reports
  • An Expert Witness Database
  • Academic Papers
  • Position Statements
  • Plaintiff's Strategy for the Shoemaker Protocol
  • Legal Strategy in addressing typical defense

Information is key in any legal process.  Many who are a part of Surviving Mold have been down this road, and desire to share what they have learned for others to possibly make their journey less complicated.