Third Annual Conference Wrap-up by Dr. Scott McMahon

Third Annual Conference Wrap-up by Dr. Scott McMahon

The 2016 State of the Art - CIRS III conference was amazing!  Held in Irvine, CA, over the October 13th-16th weekend, this conference not only touched the basics of what CIRS is, how it is diagnosed and how treated, but expanded the scientific knowledge base in many directions.  Dr. Keith Berndston gave a thorough explanation of immune system pathophysiology underlying the Biotoxin Pathway, Dr. Mary Ackerley discussed the use of low dose VIP and her findings on dental MARCoNS, Dr. Jimmy Ryan gave an incredibly cogent talk on the genomics of CIRS, Dr. Michael Rothman revisited the experiments of Dr. Emmanuel Revici giving some insights on how to treat difficult patients, Dr. Sandeep Gupta discussed how CIRS is treated in Australia,  Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker with Dr. Joe Musto looked deeper into MARCoNS and the toxins of biofilm formers as well as blowing us away with the latest findings of NeuroQuant and multinuclear atrophy.  The creme de la creme was presented by Dr. Dale Bredesen, an internationally known researcher on Alzheimer's, who discussed his work in actually reversing CIRS-related Alzheimer's in some patients.


That sums up just some of the amazing presentations given on the medical side.  During the Indoor Environmental Professional portion of the meeting, Greg Weatherman spoke about the importance of microbial VOCs, Larry Schwartz presented an algorithm to help patients determine if they should remediate or move, David Lark discussed his paper documenting the efficacy of HERTSMI-2 in predicting the ability of CIRS sufferers to successfully return to their dwellings after remediation, Michael Schrantz discussed the pros and cons of a virtual inspection program and Vince Neil detailed his initial lab and clinical findings in his "Safe House" experiment.


And there was even more!  Presentations detailing the value of yoga with CIRS patients, a comparison of chronic Lyme disease with CIRS, an experiment looking at easier ways to make a CIRS diagnosis and even more than that.  This conference was so filled with useful tips and new information that it is a must see for all patients and interested providers!

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