Announcing Mr. Mold, Inc. in association with Surviving Mold to offer first Proficiency Partners Course

Announcing Mr. Mold, Inc. in association with Surviving Mold to offer first Proficiency Partners Course

A jointly sponsored educational course in mold and CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) and the role of transcriptomics in chronic, fatiguing illnesses (including Lyme, mold, CFS) Teaching will contain the basis of an on-line test confirming Proficiency in CIRS What is Proficiency Partners- Frequently Asked Questions

When: September 21, 22 a total of 8 hours of intensive learning experience

Where: East, Miami (hotel), Miami, Florida

Seats available: 20

Cost: $1,500 Course and Certification/ $800 COURSE ONLY

Proficiency Partners is a new, high intensity CIRS training course. It is designed to provide adequate information on diagnosis and treatment of CIRS to interested parties, including non-prescribers, to establish proficiency in case management of CIRS patients.The course can be taken in one 8-12 hour sitting (longer course includes much more information on transcriptomics) in a live lecture setting or it can be taken on-line at home.

An on-line final exam (4 hours allotted for completion of 160 questions) is offered for those who want to confirm their proficiency status. The exam is multiple choice, graded on-line, with a diploma and listing on the Surviving Mold website for three months.


Proficiency Partners series part 1- Ritchie C. Shoemaker MD 9/22 8-12

Proficiency Partners series part 2- Ritchie C. Shoemaker MD 9/22 1-5

Informal ice-breaker 9/21 6:00 PM

For more information: Contact or call 410-957-1550

Upcoming Courses scheduled:

September 21-2/2018; 8 hours. Miami 20 seats available

November 10-11/2018 12 hours Marlboro, Mass. 30 seats available

January 16, 2019, 8 hours, Fort Lauderdale (this is a pre-conference course), 150 seats available, with extra time provided in Mold Congress conference

Materials provided:

6 to a page color copies of slides

Text of Proficiency lectures

Links to practice tools on SM site (private link) and much more


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