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CIRS doctors use holistic methods to treat patients

Holistic medicine is a method of treating an illness on a global scale, looking at more than just a patient’s specific symptoms.  As a subset of alternative medicine, holistic medicine looks at things like an individual’s environment, habits, and daily … Continue reading

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Mold treatment: CIRS is Preventable

Unlike some chronic conditions, there are ways to avoid contracting a condition like Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Keeping moisture under control and keeping buildings maintained is a great start to avoiding CIRS; but when there are mold issues to … Continue reading

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New Dr. Shoemaker Published Study Coming to Surviving Mold

Coming soon to is the latest study recently published by Dr. Shoemaker. The groundbreaking study, “Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide(VIP) corrects Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome(CIRS) acquired following exposure to water damaged buildings” will be soon be available in its entirety!!! Here … Continue reading

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Condensed Remediation Plan For Small Microbial Particles

From aerobioLogical Solutions, Inc. by Greg Weatherman, CMC The full document can be downloaded as a password protected Adobe PDF document for patients in Dr. Shoemaker’s system. Ask your physician’s office for details. This document is meant to educate patients. … Continue reading

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Understanding the Three Critical Components of Every Fungal Remediation Project

From  Michael A. Pinto , Wonder Makers Environmental Inc. Over the last few weeks we have received numerous calls from individuals concerned about the appropriateness of mold remediation projects that do not address critical issues such as possible contamination of the HVAC system or … Continue reading

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