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Dr. Dave Ou explains HLA test

I thought Dr. Dave Ou’s synopsis of genetic predispositions (an explanation of Labcorp test HLA DR/DQ #012542) was straightforward, explaining things in an easily accessible way. An interesting fact: nearly all of Dr. Ou’s patients come from the 25% of the … Continue reading

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Dr. Ackerley on why VIP is neuroprotective

Don’t miss Dr. Mary Ackerley’s article on neuroinflammation and VIP.  Dr. Shoemaker uses VIP as the last step in his Biotoxin Protocol.  He has shown that regular use of VIP over a 6-month period decreases many of the inflammatory markers associated with … Continue reading

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Washington Post mentions mold and CFS

  There was an interesting article by Julie Rehmeyer in the Washington Post recently, which mentions mold. See

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New Book and E-Book Coming Soon!

  Doctor Shoemaker will soon have a new book available! It is currently in the works and will be published very soon.  Paperback and E-Book versions will be available at your favorite E-Book retailers! Subscribe to our blog for more … Continue reading

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NeuroQuant Paper Announcement

  The Center for Research on Biotoxin Associated Illnesses of Pocomoke, Maryland is pleased to announce that its newest academic paper entitled “Structural brain abnormalities in patients with inflammatory illness acquired following exposure to water-damaged buildings: A volumetric MRI study … Continue reading

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Surviving Mold Frequently Asked Questions VOLUME 5 Now Available!

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As I See It- Differential Diagnosis

Scott W. McMahon, MD March 5, 2014     As my children see it, their father is just an old fogie!  I have been a doctor for nearly a quarter of a century, almost longer than any of my  kids … Continue reading

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As I See it- Lyme Disease and CIRS By Dr. Richie Shoemaker

Summary:The Lyme community has a desperate need for shared and organized data collection. Such a unified data base will enable patients to monitor step by step correction of multiple inflammatory parameters that underlie the bulk of their symptoms. The era of … Continue reading

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Trail Update May 20, 2013

Construction: Seriously, how many readers thought we would have 96 feet of Trail built with treads in place in three weeks? No one? We do. How many thought that we would actually reach our goal of completion of these 50-ton … Continue reading

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New Information on Surviving Mold! And it’s Free!

Room 253: Exorcising Ghosts of Galloway-and Mold New Post By Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker! “So the 7th International Conference on Bioaerosols was held 3/13-3/15/2013 in the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club, Galloway, NJ. This conference was another in the series … Continue reading

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