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Posted on October 1st, 2014


When Surviving Mold first began in 2010, we wanted to establish a mechanism to provide access to care for patients to a selected group of outstanding health care providers who showed competence in the basic science and clinical applications of diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory response syndromes (CIRS).  That goal is now reached as our number of Shoemaker-certified physicians continues to expand. Patient access to physicians remains our most common request.  New physicians are nearly ready to begin work in McLean, Virginia; San Luis Obispo, California; South Africa; and Australia. We have our first CIRS group practice (Trillium Health Care in Bozeman, Montana) and are already sharing patient care provided by physicians in our network throughout the country.


Our second goal was to develop the research data base for CIRS.  With the incredible utility of use of NeuroQuant as a diagnostic test, we are able to show differences between mold and Post-Lyme in just 10 minutes of MRI time, not to mention correction of documented brain injury with our protocols. Scott McMahon, MD has been credentialed in research by passing the NIH research module required by our IRB.  Scott is lead investigator for our second NeuroQuant paper and will head an additional study investigating the effect of diet and pro-biotics on genomics at his site.


A new member of our group of physicians is Dr. Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA, director of the graduate education program in integrative medicine at George Washington University. He is also now credentialed by the NIH module and will be beginning a separate site investigation of diet, pro-biotics and genomics.


Dr. Mary Ackerley and Dr. Keith Berndtson continue to share their efforts to push back the veil of uncertainty that surrounds psychiatric illnesses and Post-Lyme, respectively. Our other docs are all providing top-quality care; all based on published, peer-reviewed literature.


 Our third goal, development a summit conference on the cutting edge science of CIRS, is now coming to fruition. This idea, of course, couldn’t happen until our first two goals were met. Our first international conference will be held in Salisbury, Maryland on 10/7and 10/8.  While this conference is open only to providers, the video of the entire conference will be available soon. We are beginning to plan our first patient/practitioner conference to be held in a warm climate in Spring, 2015.


Much of our research effort is directed to including genomic data that will take our reliance on hard data to the next step: correcting differential gene activation.  We are planning two papers on genomics to be released this fall with a treatment paper slated for Spring.  These are exciting times!


We urge you to follow our progress on our member’s list.  We feel that hard science, not assumptions; and reproducible protocols, not just some fanciful sales pitch designed simply to make money; are the way to go in this rapidly emerging field. We have every reason to expect that this first conference (coming in ONE week) will be a game changer.  As more physicians use our protocols and testing modules, good quality patient care continues to expand. We invite patients and providers alike to pre-order our conference videos, as what we will show is more of the cutting edge of diagnosis and treatment of CIRS.  And if you are interested in learning more about genomics, Dr. James Ryan will be presenting two talks at our conference, including one on how to use a genomics report.


Look for a summary of our conference to be sent to those on our mailing list in three weeks.  Get ready for the new era in CIRS!






3 Responses to Update and Conference Announcment

  1. Paula Walls says:

    Please help me. I have sent numerous requests to no avail.I live in MS. none of my local doctors are familiar with mold protocol and it is so hard to get any of them to listen to me. I feel that I am going to have to lose more of my body functions/parts before they will take me seriously. So far I have developed glaucoma. Lost my gall bladder. Have uncontrolled blood pressures and now looking at possibly at bad pancreas we can’t be sure about. All because house is sinking and has black mold that insurance adjuster told me about 3 years ago that no one can tell me for sure. I have called people and called people from EPA to DEQ local and federal no one will help. Insurance company dropped us. I have been sick so much. 662-574-6447.

    • Lisa Lash says:

      Hi Paula, my heart goes out to you for what you’re going through. I am treated by Dr. Mary Ackerley in Tucson, Az. If you look her up on this site, you can call her office to set up a consultation. She can hopefully work with a local doctor to get you well. Many of these drs do the same.
      You need to get out of that black mold and don’t take anything with you except that it is cleaned in the proper manner. The Surviving Mold book at the back has some clear instructions on doing just that.
      Dr. Mary and her staff has been the best in helping me get the medications and instructions for staying mold free.
      God bless you; prayers for you,

  2. Kelly Ford-Harris says:

    I am a suviving toxic mold patient; southern California. I see Dr. Hope, Dr. Gunnar Heuser, saw Dr. Vincent Marinkovich, Dr. Gary Ordog. Please call me. I want to be a part of your group. I have 4 yrs ago already had the genomic testing done. This could assist your clinical research base. – Spoke with Shoemaker 6+ years ago about an west coast concept in mold, had an executive team. I was to be the education chair back then, then lead attorney passed suddenly and it was shelved. I’d like to help in anyway possible. 714-828-9132. Or cell 714-209-6210. Kelly Ann Ford-Harris. Age 57.

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