Telling others about CIRS

Posted on October 26th, 2014
Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

It can be challenging to tell others how CIRS affects you, and many don’t understand that how debilitating it can be.  Support is key to recovery.  We have a brochure that helps to explain the biological basis of the diagnosis, details the many symptoms in each system in the body and briefly discusses what you should do if you’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome:  Click here to view it

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker



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  1. Tricia Lawson says:

    I just saw the Ballards story and it reminds me so much of what I went through. In 1986, I married my late husband.
    We lived in a gated community, called Air Force Village in San Antonio. We had a terrific rainstorm, with rain leaking through the window sills and roof. A few weeks later, I became really sick, with fever and a terrific headache. I also had a runny nose, quite literally for several years, my hands would shake, I, quite frankly, talked and walked like I was an alcoholic.
    Several times, when I would go shopping, I could not remember where I parked my car or even what my car looked like. I remember next door neighbors who knew us, coming up to me, asking if I needed a ride. I was too ashamed to say I could not remember my name nor theirs nor where I had parked, so, I ignored them. Lucky for me, two of these kind people went to our home and told my husband what they had seen (me, standing with two baskets of groceries, in the parking lot, looking like there was something wrong).
    My husband went to the B.X. at Lackland Air Force Base, where I was, and picked me up. For the sake of brevity, I want to say that several of the doctors at Lackland were convinced I was in the mid-stages of M.S. or Alzheimers. I knew that was as ridiculous as could be. I also began having seizures and to this day I am still on medications for that. I am 65 and I was only 39 when this all began. Yet, to this day, I still suffer. My husband died in 1998 of respirtory failure..
    Finally, we had black mold all over the back bedroom and the hallway, ceiling and kitchen. When my husband called and reported this to the Air Force Village people, all they did was to paint the entire apt.
    I hope this helps others. For me, I can barely hold a job, simply because I cannot remember what I was either told or what I read.
    Now, I realize the AFV people who saw ALL this mold, many times, just didn’t care.

  2. Helen says:

    I know how this goes!! I’d never had any dealings with mold until, cleaning out a shed that had it in there and it had covered most of the items in there. I started coughing, sneezing, etc and just thought I might be getting a cold. WELL this went on to the point where I couldn’t take a breath without coughing, spitting up etc. This went on for about two months, my son here and daughter, trying to get me to go to a doctor and I wouldn’t until I spent two days and nights coughing and having a harder and harder time breathing. My youngest son called me long distance and I couldn’t talk to him, for coughing and being short of breath. He called my daughter and was ill with her for not getting me to doctor and I told him, it wasn’t her fault, it was mine. She came over early the next morning and told me to get ready to go, she was carrying me to ER. I didn’t argue as I was tried of trying to “fight” what I thought was a cold or allergies, of which I’d never had any before. At the ER they hooked me to an IV, drew blood, did x-rays, and a breathing treatment. The doctor said I had allergies and to stay indoors out of the pollen etc. This happened in the Spring. Well I thought he may have been correct until later when I quit having the symptoms. I thought ok that wasn’t what the doctor said.
    In October of 2013 my son and I rented a trailer, which had mold all in it, was in the carpets etc. We told the landlord and he said cleaning them should take care of it. Well it DIDN’T. We wound up taking carpets out, washing everything with bleach in some areas, vinegar in others and both of us started coughing a few days later and having breathing problems, all the same way I’d had in the earlier part of that year after spending three days cleaning out that shed that had black mold all over everything. We both went to the doctor, told him what we had been doing and he knew then for sure what was going on. The mold was making us sick!! I did some checking on-line found out about this and knew that this was what we’d come up against.
    I also told our landlord and he only gave us a tiny dehumidifier to put in one of the rooms, and we’ve taken out all but two of the carpets, replaced the others, but there’s still mold in the walls of the trailer because of the leaks and the only way to deal with that is tear the walls and all insulation out and just redo the whole thing, which he’s not going to do. I don’t know if he has insurance or not that would cover this. I DO KNOW THAT LANDLORDS IN MISSISSIPPI ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING A SAFE LIVING ENVIORIMENT FOR THEIR RENTERS AND CAN BE SUED FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS CAUSED BY THESE THINGS WHEN THEY KNOW ABOUT IT. HE DOES KNOW ABOUT IT AND I HAVE PICTURES OF THE WALLS, CARPET, ETC. He’s a good landlord in a lot of ways, but just doesn’t seem to care about this situation. We don’t have the money to do all the repairs though my son HAS DONE a lot, inside and outside to make the whole place more livable and we all like it there as it’s peaceful and in the country not that far from town. Which my son needs a peaceful environment because of his other health problems. I don’t have the answers and in this town even lawyers that own property they rent, are more like slumlords than landlords. They want they’re money but don’t care what happens to the people. SAD. If anybody has any suggestions or solutions, I’m sure open to them. I saw the ‘Forsinic Files’ about the family that on 3-21-15 that had the whole family sick and that the wife, mother started the Policy Holders of America, to let people know about how insurance companies do. I tried to bring it up on line. No luck. Sooo. I will keep praying about this and do more checking. It’s only when people all over, not just here and there start coming together, that maybe these things can be seen about and something done positive about them.

  3. Sharyon Gayle Key says:

    I have questions about problems I have had and their relationship to mold exposure. Respiratory, nasal dryness, breast cancer, dizziness etc.

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