Membership Continues to Grow!

Posted on June 18th, 2013

The Membership Section has been live for only two weeks and we have dozens taking advantage of membership privileges.   Thank you to all of our new members!!!  We are especially appreciative of all of the well thought out questions that have been submitted to date. Dr. Shoemaker has systematically answered questions presented with excellent feedback from our Members. We continue to strive to distribute the latest factual data available on the subject and invite you to participate in this never before offered program.

Here are some sample questions and answers.

10. Am I worse off if both my HLA haplotypes are mold susceptible?

This is an excellent question. The answer that what we have seen to date is that there is no worsening clinical status for a double susceptible haplotype compared to a single susceptible haplotype. As we go further in the research into the actual structure of the molecules coded for by the HLA DR the answers with become forthcoming as to exactly what is going on with HLA in susceptibility. To date, only the 4‐3‐53 haplotype has been well studied showing seven consecutive amino acids in the middle of the HLA cleft are associated with absence of antibody production to particular proteins (called (epitopes).

13. Does passing the VCS mean that I could not have a biotoxin illness?

No. We typically see visual contrast sensitivity defects in affected patients in 92% of all our cases. That means that 8% of cases do not have a positive VCS. This interesting finding is usually seen in younger patients, especially young woman, as well as people who have an “eye” for a given job. For example, we often see a normal VCS despite illness in photographers, interior designers, artists as well as some professional athletes like baseball players and tennis players who need to “see” the ball well in their sport. If you are not ill, we expect a normal VCS. False positives are quite unusual, understanding that the computer test is a screening device.

This and many more questions answered weekly!  Don’t miss your oppotunity to have your questions addressed by Dr. Shoemaker!

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4 Responses to Membership Continues to Grow!

  1. Sheldon Ball says:

    Do you know of a Shoemaker certified MD in the Houston, TX area?

  2. Jennifer Colburn says:

    Hi Dr.Shoemaker,

    I spoke with Dennis at Hopkinton Drugs, to ask him if any HMOs or insurance companies are covering or paying for VIP. He told me that everyone is having to pay cash for it since it doesn’t have a N code or N # for the insurance companies to even process the prescription request and payment. He said he could not get this code or # since Hopkinton Drugs is not a pharmaceutical company but instead is a Compounding Company. He also said that there is no FDA Approval for VIP and wont ever be as there is no longer a patent and there is no real money to be made which would encourage someone to complete the needed studies required to achieve FDA approval. Based on our conversation I have the following question for patients with CIRS who are using VIP and future patients with CIRS who will need it:

    Is there anyone working on trying to get FDA approval of VIP to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so we can get our health insurance companies to actually write the prescriptions for it and more importantly, have them pay for the VIP as well since this is the only illness that the HMOs are willing to acknowledge as they do not recognize CIRS yet.
    (I gave my Rheumatologist at Kaiser HMO your published article on VIP and he read the Abstract and the conclusion, then stated that even the first sentence of the conclusion stated “Evaluation of clinical use of VIP will require additional study.” He said he could only prescribe it if it was FDA approved for the treatment of CFS. He also stated that he had no knowledge of V02 MAX suppression causing Post-exertional malaise.)

    Also is there a way for Dennis or Hopkintin Drugs to get the VIP made at a pharmaceutical company so they can get the “N” code or number that insurance companies need to even process the prescription and payment or coverage of VIP?

    I am in the process of trying to find a doctor in my area who will work with your protocol for VIP and CIRS treatment, or at least get them to prescribe VIP for the treatment of the Post-exertional malaise that patients with CFS have which is caused by V02 MAX Suppression (Since Kaiser has diagnosed me with CFS and Fibromyalgia). During this process I would like to educate the doctors in my area about VIP and V02 MAX Suppression causing Post-exertional malaise in CFS patients and the use of VIP in treating this. Can you please post the medical articles on this site that have information on the link between V02 MAX suppression and CFS, as well as the use of VIP in treating CFS by improving V02 MAX suppression and defective oxygen delivery?

    Lastly I would like to ask my fellow members and you if there are any Doctors in Southern California who they like and who is or will prescribe VIP to me as well as the required lab tests needed. I would also like to ask if any of them have been successful in getting their HMO or medical insurance company to pay for the required lab tests needed while taking VIP.

    Is there a blog where members can talk together via the internet?

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to helping and treating patients with CIRS!
    God bless,
    Jennifer Colburn

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hello Jennifer.

    I was wondering if you received any feedback from your post? You asked all the right questions, questions I never had the energy or mental ability to ask, as I am suffering from CIRS, MCS, Fibromyalgia, severe chronic pain, CRPS, neurologic symptoms and several other issues all from a severe mold illness.

    • Diana Porath says:

      I am suffering from mold exposure for the last 4 years and can’t seem to get better. Most of mine is neurological. I feel little better then somehow get re-exposed and sets it all off. I went to dr. weirs in Charleston, S.Carolina and will not recommend them to anyone. Did you get answers? Thanks diana

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